can anyone tell me some memory techniques to remember spellings of words


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    If it is English, try breaking the word into parts and remember. For example, take the word 'anthurium'. Now, break it into small parts as 'ant-hu-ri-um'. If this trick also not effective for you, try giving meanings (in Sinhala)to those small parts. Look at how I've divided the word, 'ant' is කූඹියා, 'hu' for හූ කියනවා. Unfortunately 'ri' doesn't have a meaning. Then, pronounce 'um' as උම්. You can make funny sentences in Sinhala like this to remember English spellings. This trick has been very effective for me. So try it once and also there may be many other techniques if you google.
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    thank u for your wondrful answer.yeah...funy stories remembers better.

  • You are welcome. :)
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